Terms & Conditions

Return Policy

  • All RGA requests must be made within 30 days of the original invoice date
  • CVR Inc. does not accept returns on special order products due to incorrect application errors on orders from this catalog
  • CVR Inc. does not cover the freight costs for any returns – please DO NOT send returns collect or they will be refused

Return Procedure

  • RGA requests can be made by email – info@cvrproducts.com
  • If this is a warranty issue – please email pictures
  • RGA # will be assigned if the item meets the requirements in our return policy
  • Once RGA # is issued – the parts must be sent back within 15 Days or the RGA becomes void
  • IMPORTANT: RGA # needs to be on the outside of the package and visible to our Receiving department or the package will be refused (DO NOT write RGA # on original packaging)
  • Credit will be issued within 30 Days once the parts are received and inspected

Warranty Policy

  • CVR Inc. products are covered by a LIMITED warranty, covering defects in material for a period of 90 Days from the original date of purchase
  • CVR Inc. is not responsible and will not cover any costs that may be associated with a defective return – all shipping/handling costs must be paid for by the purchaser
  • Consequential damages are not covered
  • Chrome of any manufacture is subject to chips or discoloration when exposed to heat. For this reason, defects in the finish are limited to the time of installation.
  • The product supplied by CVR Inc. must be installed in a manner that protects such product from external or internal physical damage and must be installed in accordance with catalogue recommendations. CVR Inc. cannot be held liable for product failure caused by improper installation or handling
  • The CVR Inc. warranty makes no allowance for labor claims. The warranty limits liability to the replacement of the product if it is deemed defective
  • No claim for defective materials, workmanship, shortage in count or measurement, or for any other cause shall be valid unless presented to CVR Inc. by the buyer within TEN (10) days of buyer’s receipt of the material. Failure to present written claim stating the grounds thereof within such time shall constitute acceptance of the material for all purposes by the buyer. Reasonable opportunity shall in all cases be afforded us to investigate the claimed grounds for claim but neither our investigation nor our failure to investigate shall constitute a waiver of any right to disclaim liability. Our liability for defective materials and/or workmanship and/or any other cause shall in no case exceed the amount paid by buyer on our invoice price to buyer of the article or part thereof proved defective. We reserve the right, in all cases where a defect is found, to elect whether to refund the invoice price or make replacement of the defective article or part thereof. Neither a refunding of the invoice price or any part thereof nor a replacement will be made unless the effective article or part is made available to us for inspection in such a manner as we deem necessary.
  • Limitation of Liability
    a. Seller shall not be liable for prospective profits of special, indirect or consequential damages, nor shall recovery of any kind against Seller by greater than the amount paid by Buyer on Seller’s invoice price to Buyer of the product or part thereof which causes the alleged damage
    b. There are no conditions, warranties, guarantees or any other liabilities established herein except those expressly stated in section (above), and all other conditions, warranties, guarantees, statements and liabilities whether expressed by statute or common law or otherwise are hereby excluded.